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Since COVID-19 has been recognized as a global pandemic, governments and the scientific community around the world have introduced several measures to change and restrict social and economic behavior of people to stop the spreading and doing so to flatten the epidemic peak.

During this pandemic it is fundamental that governments, scientific expert, mass media, educator, and health providers work together to raise awareness of the disease, and encourage protective behaviors such as social distancing and hand washing.
The success of these government decisions and protective measures rely largely on rapid changes in population behavior, which are dependent on individuals’ ability to perceive risks associated with the virus and adapt their life style accordingly. This can be achieved by public messages that reinforce the importance of adopting preventive measures and provide accurate and reliable information. In this scenario, communication plays a critical aspect in educating people how to protect themselves and our communities, and in conveying the information to a  broader public and in a way that is easy accessible.

Covid RPG is an educational multiplayer digital board game, that aims to communicate, in a fun way, the importance of the individual and collective actions in slowing the spreading of the virus.
Players must collaborate to eliminate the virus and win the game. Each of them represents key figures in the society, like governing authorities, essential workers, scientific and medical experts.
The setting of the game is an hypothetical country, which see new cases of infections. Players to fight against the spreading of Covid, can choose to put in place and promote in some area of the country safety guidelines. These range from social distance and use of face covering to extreme measures like contact tracing and quarantine. 
On the other side the rate of infection can be increase by events that challenge safe social behaviors and underline how individual choices can affect the whole community.  
The way the rate of infection can be reduced or increased during the game, was inspired by epidemiological models built with real world scientific data regarding the COVID-19 and developed at Georgia Tech.

Covid RPG game aims to show how simple things, like wearing a mask or washing hands, can make a great difference in fighting this pandemic and everybody must do their part for the common good.

Covid RPG features an easy to navigate interface with a 2D & 3D map and 3D tokens. This is a prototype participating in Jamming the Curve Game Jam.

Tutorial and rules available here: https://www.appmindedapps.com/covid-rpg.html


covid-rpg-win.zip 106 MB
Version 1 Oct 01, 2020
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Version 1 Oct 01, 2020

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