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RPG Plus - Anywhere Anytime Virtual Tabletop

Multi-Platform Chat, Character Sheet, 3D Map Maker, Campaign Manager

RPG Plus is a cross-platform (mobile & desktop) virtual tabletop including chat, character sheet, 2D/3D map maker, and campaign manager for every kind of role-playing game, like D&D, pathfinder, Cthulhu, Star Wars, Shadowrun, and World of Darkness.

The 3D map includes almost 700 high-quality tokens. In addition, you can create your token library using 2D images or upload 3D models as STL files (Desktop only).

The 3D map includes:
  • an advanced and realistic dynamic lighting system
  • 68 special light effects
  • 18 types of walls
  • a flexible multi-level system
  • 118 grid textures
  • a simple 3D distance measuring system

And much more!

RPG Plus is an all-in-one solution (campaign manager, chat, character sheet, 2D and 3D map) where you can:

  • Create your campaign as a game master or join your friends as a player
  • Design your story by adding rooms (chats, maps, sheets) and selecting your players
  • Make your own map for each adventure using the 3D map maker system, and add setting items and miniatures for the characters
  • Use advanced 3D dynamic lighting on the map
  • Visualize your map in Augmented Reality (AR, mobile-only)
  • Keep track of the initiative and who can move with an intuitive turn manager
  • Upload and share an image to create 2D Maps
  • Upload 2D images or 3D models (.stl files, Desktop only) to create custom 3D tokens
  • Interact with the other players via chat: posting messages, rolling dice, sending stickers, and sharing links
  • Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get inspiration for your story. Text completion is available using OpenAI GTP-3 technology (mobile only).   
  • Record your character's features in a digital sheet. You can select an advanced template for pathfinder 2nd edition and D&D 5th edition or a simple and flexible table system
  • fully cross-platform with a similar experience in both mobile and desktop versions
  • link to simple schematic help for the different panels  

Together we will revolutionize the way we play RP games. Now it's your turn!

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Or buy the full version here on Itch https://appminded.itch.io/rpg-unlocked

Official RPG Plus Reddit community:  https://www.reddit.com/r/RPGplus/

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Updated 8 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags3D, dnd, Dragons, GameMaker, Multiplayer, pathfinder, RPG Maker, Strategy RPG, Turn-based
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer
LinksPatreon, Homepage, YouTube


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Is there any campaing or we create our rpg 


RPG plus is mostly designed to create your own campaign. 

Anyway on our website we shared the adventure Crown Mountains,  the story we are using for the beta testing of RPG Plus. It is designed for a fantasy setting like Pathfinder or D&D, and at the following link


you can find the pdf with the story and files including all the maps and sheets for playing.

Thanks for your post, actually it may be a good idea to include more pre-made materials easy to use and customize.

Hey, tere are pre existent maps or we create all of them when we want too play?


Thanks for connecting with us.

There aren’t any pre-made maps, except for the ones included in our beta testing story Crown Mountain, available at the following link:


On the desktop version, you can save your maps, share the files and upload 3D maps.

I hope this helps. For any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

New Official RPG Plus Reddit community!

Great app, very good to play rpg. How can you edit a sheet more similar to the existing template?


thanks! No, sorry it is not possible at the moment

the regular sheet is pretty simple, with properties you can edit, group, and move. You can try to roll them and it will look automatically for all numbers as digits, +/- signs, and numbers with a format like 1d20. You can if you want create a sheet here and save it as a regular template that you can apply to a new sheet (it will overwrite it)

we created two templates plus: more advanced templates for Pathfinder 2e and DnD 5e. These include all the essential properties, grouped in a similar way to the paper sheet. The properties are smarts and auto-update the related properties (for example if you increase intelligence the bonus on the related ability will change automatically). This type of sheet requires a lot of custom code and optimization so it is difficult to make it flexible.

I understand, the template sheets are really good but I play a different system than the app. Would it be possible to edit the source code of the sheets? Because I have to use RPG+ plus and a PDF sheet to play

sorry, I think that is going to be complicated. Which RPG are you playing? 
We received a few requests like yours, we are planning to add other templates, but I do not have a clear timeline. Maybe the best way would be to try to implement a sort of flexible sheet template builder... let me think about it

I've been playing NoteQuest, it's a Brazilian RPG system. The sheet is extremely simple but it would be interesting to have a montage of "names", "backpack" things like that in the D&D 5e sheet.

When you add this sheet mount system I will buy the full version. This is the most perfect and simple application I've tested, I've been looking for something so interesting and easy to access for about 2 years (that there is a connection between cell phone and computer)

I can even help translate the file and even script it if I'm allowed! (I opened the D&D 5e sheet script and I already understood how it works a little)

NoteQuest Sheet (in brazilian portuguese)

Tenía que venir a agradecerles enormemente por esta actualización 34!
Desde la versión anterior 32/33 implementaron una característica para móviles que causaba crasheo, bloqueo y congelamiento de la pantalla. Me desanimé porque mi celular no pudo con tanto. Creí que no volvería a jugar por ese bug, pero ahora en esta versión han removido esa opción y vuelve a ir de maravilla! Ya no crashea ni se congela la pantalla, va fluido y puedo correrla nuevamente en mi celular!
Gracias por esta actualización!!!!! I love version 34!!!!

Los amo APP Minded!

Thank you!! Sorry about the bugs in 32/33, it took time and quite a bit of work to upgrade to the new Unity for development, but it was worth it :)

(1 edit)

Nunca me había divertido tanto en una partida de rol hasta que usé RPG Plus! La inmersión es increíble y todos se la han pasado de maravilla! Las actualizaciones recientes han sido geniales, tiene 5 estrellas!

Pdt: Permitan que el orden de iniciativa se genere automáticamente cuando los jugadores lancen sus dados desde sus respectivas hojas directos al chat. Se pierde tiempo escribiendo manualmente la iniciativa directamente en el mapa :'c


Thank you for the great feedback! We’re so happy you loved your experience with RPG Plus. 

About the initiative feature, great suggestion. We'd look at adding it to the D&D smart character sheet while keeping the manual option for the DM and other character sheets,  where you may need to roll a different skill. 


Por lejos la MEJOR app de TODA la PlayStore!
Desde hace tiempo ya había alucinado con esto y ahora traen el grid multi-nivel es de locos! Sin duda alguna lo mejor que hay para poder jugar rol online y escrito, lo uso en mis partidas y mis jugadores FLIPAN!

La única recomendación: añadan botón que esconda/revele nivel entero, así podrá ponerse un mapa arriba de otro sin cambiar de room y sin obstruir la vista/visión 3d. (Hide level button to show/hide an entire level. In that way we can use the same room to show an entire building with 2 or more floors without compromise the 3d/2d vision. :´)


Thank you so much for the feedback, we're glad you are enjoying RPG+.

The idea of a way to hide/show a level is really great. We're already working on implementing it.  : )


So far I've been enjoying this app, however I am curious if there is any way to import our own models/tokens? I see on the list above there used to be a way to do so, and since my games are not so DnD oriented (I never learned to play that so I use other rulesets) I am currently using other tokens to replace characters


Hi, thanks for downloading and using RPG Plus. Previously we set up a system to import your models using Google Poly. Unfortunately, the platform shut down last year. Currently, we're working on introducing a new way to upload your own miniatures. It should go live with the next update. 

Anyway, if you need some no-D&D miniatures, we'll be more than happy to make some and add them to our library.


Hi! This is very cool! I've been looking for something like this for a while. A lot of the other VTTs are too complicated, old, or defunct :-/

I found it difficult to figure out how to use, tho. A more thorough tutorial would be appreciated. Also, the map zoom seems to be backward? I'm on PC, btw.


Thank you so much for your positive feedback! 

Right now we are working on updating the "How to" page (https://www.appmindedapps.com/rpgplushowto.html) and creating some video tutorials, especially on how to navigate the map room and its features. 

About the zoom,  after checking few software we decided to set: scroll up the mouse wheel to zoom in, scroll down to zoom out.

For any other questions or comments please feel free to contact us. 

Oh, fantastic! Thank you for the link to the documentation. It's very helpful!

Yeah, I expected to scroll up to zoom in, and scroll down to zoom out. However, it's backwards for me? Scrolling up zooms out, and scrolling down zooms in.


thanks for reporting the zoom bug! It's strange. We'll take a look into it!

Yw! I am happy to do troubleshooting if you want. Just let me know what I should try.

Thanks, we'll keep this in mind.

Hey there, I'd love to try out the app, but the login does not work

Sorry to hear that and thanks for reporting it. 

Could you please email as at appminded@appmindedapps.com and give us more details about this issue (for example, the login pages keeps loading; there isn't connection with the server; the app crashes). 

Could you please provide the username/email address used to login as well. 

We'll look into it.


Hey there, sorry for the multiple messages, but the login works now! I believe my problems might have been caused by bad internet, sorry for the trouble



1/10 the login doesn't work


sorry about that, can you write an email to appminded@appmindedapps.com? we will have a closer look at the problem


I am doing a run with my friend, I am downloading every multiplayer server based free game. I hope it's good BRB after the gameplay

It has a subscription 

(1 edit)

wonderfull programm :)

So here is my idea what i would make out of it:

(Final Fantasy Tactics style of an Battlemap

So how you ask ?

Ok here is an list what i need to make this possible


This kind of map is Block based, that means everything so big you can stand on it is 64x64x64, or 64x64x32 (half Block for covering or climb on) 64x64x16 (an slap where an charakter just walk on and gets an little higher) So when i am in the Editor i just klick on one "block" with the right mouse buttom and an popup screen shows up. Like this:

Now i select with the left mouse bottom the side i want to add an Texture, after that an small pop-up wants an source for the texture.
it can be an 32x32 pixel, 64x64,128x128 or more when you dont want to use pixelart.
After you has chosen every texture for every side you click "done" and you made your first custom block you can add everywhere.
Naturally there are ramps to like this:

The camera need an option to fixate it like the example shows on the right side:

Than i need to rotate the camera in all 4 sides

Parameter for the blocks, that means when an character in DnD can walk 5 fields and want to walk over an 45° ramp the parameter says that this block not only kost 1 movement but 2, because its harder to walk on it.

All Objects that are to complex to make in 3d (not everyone has those skills or asset resources) can be made by 2d pictures of the objects that have transparent parts (you can see that in the first picture, trees and the big rock are in 2d) when you rotate the ramera the 2d decal assets always look at the camera and can only blocked by other 2d assets or 3d blocks. to make them interact with players,enemy's,fog of war and so on. they get an collision parameter with an x,y,z coordinate you set here as an example for an tree 128x48x48. An invisible block is now connected to the 2d tree. this block ,blocks light as an example or the movement of someone, you can even climb on the tree with your 2d player token, he will chill on the tree crown.
when you make something that is round you can also make an collision block that has more than 6 sides.
20 sides would be enough to block the light in an way that the 2d sphere has an sphere like shadow.

you can give an specific block you made an gamma parameter, so no matter how dark it is or where the light comes from, an tree or and stair can not be totally black.

like explained in (1.) how to set textures, you can also place 2 more layers on top on an specific texture. because transparency is allowed you can place an Grass texture on top of an Stone Texture
(this is not mandatory, its for effect that change an specific layer on the texture or spawns an specific texture on an other texture to show something like burned grass or an ice effect and so on)

Hi Seradest,

thanks a lot for trying RPG Plus! and for your really interesting suggestion. We will for sure think about it, there are few aspects that would be cool to implement in RPG Plus!

it would be possible to make fast new assets and after it an new map with less knowledge about drawing stuff or make things in the right perspective.

on the other side the battle-map would look more organic.

thanks for the suggestions for an alternative 2.5D map. It would be overall a quite different implementation compared to what we have at the moment for the map (3D with orthographic camera). We originally had a perspective camera and we are thinking to add the option for both orthographic and perspective cameras sooner or later.

(1 edit)

Here is an guy who shows how easy it is to make the 2d graphics and than port it in unity

and there are more supported Frameworks and Libraries for Tiled https://doc.mapeditor.org/en/stable/reference/support-for-tmx-maps/


thanks, that's really cool! we need to think about it :)

When you need help just ask this guy https://twitter.com/gsengine

sounds great, thanks!

Man, PLEASE make this work for the Oculus Quest as an APK. MUCH BEG


A VR version will be cool! We have a bit of experience with VR app and Oculus Quest is a great device. We are looking around for some grants that may help to dig into this project and speed up the development. 🙂

I'm trying it since 10 minute and I really like the concept but it would really nice that we can create our own sheet like the D&D 5e Template Plus. With auto calcs etc.

Thanks for trying RPG Plus. We like the idea to create an interactive sheet builder system, especially for no-D&D RPGs. We started already to brainstorm about its design. It a challenging project that will take a bit of time to develop nevertheless it will be one of our next milestone 👍

(2 edits)

Nice to hear that hehe :) You can also meanwhile make all the sheet cell formula enabled (an exemple is with the mRPG app) 

You can go see the official website to see all the update and features. Take some of the basic from them :-) If you combine the character sheet from mRPG and your 3D map platform it would be AWESOME.

Ohh and the fact that the app is on all the device (ios, android, window etc.) is one of my favorite thing of the app. I can play while i'm working :O hehe

We're happy to hear your positive feedback. Thanks for taking the time to send us some suggestions and the screenshots of mRPG. We'll have a look! 

Please feel free to share other comments or suggestions, their are extremely useful for us. Enjoy RPG Plus

it's a real pleasure, Where are stored the dynamic template files in the folder? If I can analyse how it coded maybe I can make my own template ? Is it possible to have the source files to see what I can do and make some test? And if I find things ill share with you. 

unfortunately the dnd 5e and pathfinder dynamic templates are implemented in a way that is highly optimized and not flexible. Basically it is using hardcoded arrays in the json file expected to be with the right type and position.

This is the opposite of the normal sheet that is very simple and general (basically a json with 4 fields, group number, group name, property number and property text).

I think the best next step it is for us to implement some general APIs, something in the middle that will allow more flexibility. This is a great suggestion, that we received also from one of our Patrons and it is in our to-do list. Thanks a lot for your great feedback! much appreciated it!


This looks amazing! I'll share it to some D&D Player I know!


Thanks for trying RPG Plus and your feedback! For any issues or help you can contact us at appminded@appmindedapps.com